Start planning now for UF拉萨茂多兴设备有限公司

Each school year, there are numerous things you can do to help prepare yourself for college. Even though high school graduation may be years away, it is never too early to begin learning about what it takes to get accepted into the college of your choice.


  • In middle school, you may be offered the opportunity to take some high-school level courses (for example, Algebra 1, physical science, or a foreign language). These courses will count for high school graduation and for college admission consideration.
  • What are your interests and skills? This is a time to begin thinking about what type of extracurricular activities you might wish to pursue in high school. How you spend your time outside the classroom is an important consideration in UF's admissions process.
  • What are your favorite subjects? Start thinking now about matching your academic talents with a possible college major and eventual career discipline.
  • Involve your family. Parents, guardians, siblings and school counselors all can help you and offer advice on staying on the right path.


Arrange your class schedule so you will complete the following college preparatory classes during high school:

  • English (with substantial writing) – 4 Units
  • Math (Algebra I, Algebra II, Formal Geometry, and additional math beyond Algebra II) – 4 Units
  • Natural Science (2 units must include a laboratory) – 3 Units
  • Social Science – 3 Units
  • Foreign Language (two sequential years in same language) – 2 Units
  • Total Units – 16* Units

*The university recommends that you complete at least four additional units of electives in these core disciplines. The more academic units you complete, the more competitive your application.

Start taking academically challenging courses such as Honors and AP, Pre-IB and IB, Pre-AICE and AICE, or Dual Enrollment.

  • Explore careers and jobs you find interesting. Talk with professionals in those fields and find out what kind of education is required, as well as what colleges offer those majors.
  • Take the PSAT or PreACT tests if offered. The PSAT and the PreACT are great ways to prepare for the SAT and ACT, respectively.
  • Talk to your parents about your plans for college.
  • If you are a Florida resident, ask your counselor for information about the Bright Futures scholarship.
  • Create a profile for the Coalition Application or the Common Application. UF will accept either application, but you should only apply using one.


  • The eleventh grade is often the most challenging academically. Take Honors, AP, IB, AICE, or academic dual enrollment classes if they are offered.
  • If you did not take the PSAT 10 or PreACT in the 10th grade, register early in your junior year. You must take the PSAT to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship.
  • Attend a college fair to gather information and talk with representatives from several schools. Ask your counselor for a schedule of college fairs in your area.
  • Begin your college research. Where would you like to go? What would you like to study? Consider admission requirements, tuition, facilities, degree programs and the student body profile. Visit each college's website.
  • Register for the SAT and ACT in the late spring of your junior year. Consider taking both tests before your senior year begins. The SAT and ACT are very different types of assessments.
  • Continue your extracurricular activities and assume additional responsibilities and leadership roles. Explore opportunities in your community; part-time employment and volunteer activities can strengthen your application.
  • Establish a professional e-mail address that will remain constant throughout your college search and application process.
  • If you have not already done so, create a profile for the Coalition Application or the Common Application. UF will accept either application, but you should only apply using one.


  • Take a full load of academic classes, including honors, AP, IB, AICE or academic dual enrollment classes. Even if you have completed your graduation requirements, any admission to college is tentative until your final transcripts have been received. UF expects to see students challenging themselves throughout the senior year!
  • Arrange to take the SAT and/or ACT again early in the year.
  • Make plans to attend a college fair or a UF admissions presentation. UF admissions officers visit many high schools throughout the year. Check with your counselor to see when UF will be in your area.
  • Submit your application by November 1! UF accepts either the Coalition Application or the Common Application; you only need to submit one.
  • Submit and link your Self-reported Academic Record (SSAR) by December 1.
  • Arrange to have your SAT and/or ACT test scores sent to UF by December 15. We will only consider your highest score, and will superscore either test (combine your highest subsection scores).
  • If you are taking AP, IB, and/or AICE classes, be sure to take the exams for those classes at the end of the year.
  • Obtain financial aid forms (FAFSA) either online or from your high school counselor. UF's priority deadline to receive data from the federal processor is December 15, so plan to submit your FAFSA in advance of this date. Keep up with your coursework. All offers of UF admission are tentative while high school or collegiate coursework is in progress. Final admission is dependent on receipt and review of your final transcripts.
  • Admission offers are subject to cancellation if your final coursework does not meet admission requirements.
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